How Can You Help Alleviate the Coming Collapse?

A person does not need to be an economist to understand that the world is going through tough times as far as the economy is concerned. We can see the unemployment rate at a very high level, businesses closing, and our investments slowly deteriorating. In addition to this, more people are getting into greater debt because of the lack of money to pay for the increasing cost of living. As a matter of fact, surveys reveal that the average American has an average of five or more credit cards that he or she uses. If it wasn’t enough, with the way our currency has been managed, the collapse of the dollar seems inevitable.

In the middle of this crisis, Mike Dillard, under the mentorship of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), did extensive research on our current economic situation and discovered several avenues for how money could be protected from the current situation and the how you could also protect yourself in the event of an economic disaster and the possible collapse of the dollar. This is the reason behind the foundation of the Elevation Group.

What the Elevation Group Can Do?

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Collapse of the Dollar

The dollar is the number one currency being used around the world. Any decrease in its value is not a good sign for all world markets. However, because of the current economic crisis affecting every individual and family, it is necessary to find a solution in order to survive this crisis and to avoid the direct effect of the collapse.

Mike Dillard, through the Elevation Group, is sharing his secret of how to survive during these tough times. His research and training shows live webinars of how the “rich” are making it through this crisis. Not only does he discuss how to survive this current economic crisis and potential collapse, but he provides solutions of how to thrive in such an environment. It may seem impossible given the options we have available for safe investments, but Mike Dillard has managed to do it. In fact, using these strategies Mike Dillard has increased his wealth by over 280 percent in 2008, during the worst economic crisis of America’s history.

Learn the Secrets Through the Elevation Group

If you take a hard look at the way our currency has been managed, as well as the cycle of currencies over time, you would think that the collapse of the dollar may occur in the near future. This is why it is important to protect yourself, your wealth and any money you have in order to survive this situation and not be directly affected by it. According to the Elevation Group, in order to survive the present economic crisis a person should:

  • get out of debt including mortgage,
  • invest in hard assets like gold and silver, and
  • create multiple streams of income.

The group strongly believes that doing these three things will prepare you for the tough times that lie ahead. The poor decisions that are being made today with our economy will effect what happens to our investments and currency in the next 36 months. This could lead to bankrupting the majority of the population.

Whether there is a threat that the collapse will happen or not, it is important to make sure you are prepared and your investments protected for the situation we find ourselves in. I have put Mike’s solutions to play in my life and have a peace of mind I haven’t had since the meltdown began several years ago. You can provide this security for both you and your family as well. I am no longer concerned about the collapse of the dollar or this current economic crisis because my investments and family’s future is safe.

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How to Survive Economic Depression and the Collapse of the Dollar

We cannot deny the fact that this isn’t the first time the world has faced an economic crisis of this kind. As we can see, the unemployment rate has increased and a number of banks have fallen. This economic crisis is leading to the collapse of the dollar. History shows us that during such times the wealthy people become wealthier while those people suffering from debt become poorer. This is why it is very important to be cost conscious and search for financially stable solutions during these tough times.

The Collapse and the Effects of Economic Depression

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Collapse of the Dollar

Economic depression can affect a lot of people.  As a matter of fact, it can affect a family, a community, a nation or even the whole world. This goes the same with the US dollar being one of the major currencies being used in doing business all around the world. Industries and businesses also suffer a great loss during great depression and in order to survive this situation they usually reduce their expenses and workforce thus, resulting in the rise of the unemployment rate. And because of unemployment, we see desperate measures being taken by these people.

Collapse and its Effect on Other Currencies

At the lighter side of things some people might say that the collapse of the dollar may also bring some positive effects to other currencies. We all know for a fact that most countries in the world have more than 50 percent of its reserve currency in dollars and these countries will not just sit back and relax and watch the value of their reserves to devaluate.

However, the collapse will make other currencies stronger. One great example of this is the rise of the Euro. In fact, some of the oil producing countries are already considering switching to using the Euro. This currency is quite unique and stable since it is being backed up by 16 nations that are independent from each other. As a result, there is a big possibility for the Euro to take the place of the dollar and be the number one reserve currency in the future. However, we can see similar financial uncertainties in many of these countries, so the Euro may not be the next currency.

The Good and the Bad

At a first glance, you would think that the collapse, as a result of the economic depression, has purely negative effects on the economy being the number one currency in the world. However, there are also some positive effects as well since other countries will have an opportunity to make their currencies stronger. There are even some reports that China is paying a lot of attention to gold and silver that gives the impression that this country is considering to make the Yuan a stronger currency in the future.

Surviving economic depression and the collapse of the dollar is difficult to imagine, but there are ways to prepare yourself for this coming event. Even little things such as saving a part of your salary for other more secure areas to store your money will make a difference. The question then becomes, where do we put this money if not keep in in the U.S. dollar?

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